Wednesday, May 30, 2018

When It Comes to Insurance Disputes: No ADR in PR!

Friday, June 1, marks the official commencement of the 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season.  This year, the season begins with concerns about what is yet to come – particularly in light of the passing of Subtropical Storm Alberto through the Gulf of Mexico – and the lingering impact of the last hurricane season.  This is particularly true in Puerto Rico.  The 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season was unkind to “La Isla del Encanto.”

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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Back to Back Cats

In the last week, there have been several news stories about the recent island-wide power outage in Puerto Rico, the tenuous condition of Puerto Rico’s power grid, and the fact that hurricane season is right around the corner. Last Wednesday, a construction vehicle removing a fallen electrical tower got too close to an energized line and caused an electrical ground fault that led to an island-wide blackout. Luckily, power was not out across the island for long, but the outage once again drew attention to Puerto Rico’s efforts to rebuild following Hurricane Maria. Puerto Rico faced difficulties with its power grid even before Hurricane Maria made landfall, but Maria’s high winds and flooding damaged 75 percent of the island’s distribution lines. Despite the progress that has been made since Maria struck, it is clear that Puerto Rico has not fully recovered from Maria’s devastation.